Hi Molly from sunny Australia, slowly cooling down. It is the fall equinox here so a totally different season from yours... But your words resonate even in this season of contracting towards winter. My world is me, my pregnant daughter and my two year old grand daughter. I'm the person who spends hours sitting on the floor with my creaky hips playing duplo, painting pictures,reading the same storybooks over and over, playing at the playground and talking two year old walks (read very very slow). Nothing.else.matters. It is my contribution to the world.

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Yep, what I am not. I have thought about this lately too, as I step back from noise and groups that I love but are too loud for me to take most of the time. As I see a woman two decades my senior run with such poise and ease and I am plodding along with a heart that’s half dead. But I am plodding. And I feel my feet and I love the river by my side. And it feels like enough. It feels like a release of chains to just be exactly what and where I am. Thank you for sharing your distinctive and wonderful voice. 😘

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Love this, thank you.

Lately I have been wondering why nobody

has any time anymore


I am trying

to take


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Here we are - listening to each other. Caring. Showing the love that binds.

My current thoughts: Be present. Recognize the ego. We are all Beloved.

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