Monthly Question

I’m interested in tracking a thread for longer than a minute. It’s part of a healthy brain and heart. It also feel counter-cultural these days to commit to anything at all—even a question. Each month, I ask a lifestyle question that has been burning in me and likely in those around me, and/or at large. I take 28 days to chew on it and live with it. Then I emerge with some imperfect answers, resources and insights.

I ask it.

I answer it.

I continue to live with it because tidy bows aren’t real.

December 2023


November 2023

Tracking: I explored a posture prompt on everyday movement and the narrative prompt of “I am a person who…” and then landed, for now, on This Instrument Wants to Be Played.

October 2023

Tracking: I explored some a posture prompt around embodied visualization and the narrative power of sharing that with others in 10% micro-shift form and then landed, for now, on Art as a Way In.

September 2023

Tracking: I dove into what it means to try on a different pose as well as my favorite prompt to start with in a circle and then spiraled down into the importance of specificity and how to be in your own discernment during this era.