I don't think you're an outlier. I'm a huge fan of in-person. I am also grateful for what being online has afforded me professionally. I wouldn't be able to make a living at all if I only taught in yoga studios or gyms locally. The pay is painfully low -- not enough to support my family. And the one yoga studio in the town where I currently live recently closed.

Being online allows me to gather with people all over the country, which is really cool.

And gathering in person, for big events like retreats or workshops, can be unaffordable for lots of people (and like you, I keep my prices as low as I can). I've taught the same retreat every year at the same time since 2015 (except 2021) and only raised my prices once, by $25. And yet every year, I'm holding my breath that the retreat will fill (it usually does but a few times it hasn't).

I wish I could offer more in person things but logistically, it's difficult.

All of this is to say, I crave more in person connection and also find it professionally challenging. It's a mixed bag.

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Naomi, yes. Well said. I agree. The online world has opened up profound possibility for people to both share their work and experience the work of others. It's what allows my work, like yours, to reach connect across oceans. My issue is with it being touted as a replacement, as the next best thing, as "you can work from home and never see anyone and it's great"... that feels dangerous to me. I know you know that too. I'm curious about the balance. I appreciate you and your way in the world. So much.

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